Version 1.3 (Hunting Rifle update)

This update features the more in-depth balance overhaul for Hunting Rifle, as well as some additional adjustments for bayonets.

  • Better base damage
  • [updated] Reworked ammo conversion receivers (.50cal and .38cal)
  • [new] More reasonable 50 cal ammo weight
  • [updated] Adjusted perk requirements
  • [new] Perk requirements for bayonets adjusted across the board

The most apparent issue with the Hunting Rifle is that it just not powerful enough. Both ammo conversion receivers are pretty underwhelming as well.

About this mod

Fallout 4 has tons of elaborate, wacky, and just amazing weapons. Unfortunately, not all of them are very well balanced so the player ends up with a very limited selection.

With this mod, I aim to fix this issue and make all Fallout 4 weapons relevant. At the same time, I want to preserve the dynamic of vanilla Fallout 4.


  • Increased base damage
  • Adjusted modifications effects
  • Adjusted perk requirements

The Minigun is supposed to be deadly. Considering all the downsides like weight, spread, and ammo inefficiency, the damage should be impressive enough to make this weapon worth using. So the base damage was noticeably increased to meet this expectation.

The modifications effects and requirements were also adjusted to give the Minigun a better-defined niche.

Radium Rifle

  • The dish isn't just a cosmetic item
  • Adjusted perk requirements

The Radium Rifle is a very interesting and good looking weapon. But it has a couple of major issues.

One of them is a weird perk requirements. For instance, you need to have Science!3 perk in order to mount a wooden stock which doesn't make a lot of sense even from the gameplay perspective.

The second one is less of an issue but more of a weird (or lazy) design choice. The dish attached to the barrel makes the barrel em... longer? Doesn’t seem like this should be the case.

Submachine Gun

  • Increased damage
  • Reduced weight (closer to the real-life analog)

SMG has damage of a pipe gun, ammo cost of a combat rifle and weight of an assault rifle. This doesn't make too much sense.

Hunting Rifle

  • Better base damage
  • Reworked ammo conversion receivers (.50cal and .38cal)
  • More reasonable 50 cal ammo weight
  • Adjusted perk requirements

The most apparent issue with the Hunting Rifle is that it just not powerful enough. Both ammo conversion receivers are pretty underwhelming as well.


  • Damage increased noticeably.

Broadsider is fun. You know what else is fun? Death and destruction.


  • Increased energy damage.

Lightning Gun

  • Increased damage.

Institute Laser Gun

  • Damage increased

It is a bit weird that institute scientists designed a weapon which is worst than 200y old generic Laser Gun.


  • Increased damage and range.
  • Some perk requirement adjusted.
  • Fixed a bug with range calculation for different nozzles and barrel lengths.

Flamethrowers supposed to be deadly.

Salvaged Assaultron Head

  • Damage increased greatly.

It’s hard to get, it’s slow, it irradiates the user, but also it does mediocre damage, which makes this very interesting weapon barely usable.


  • Attaching a bayonet to a weapon noticeably increases the bashing damage.
  • Range penalty removed.
  • Perk requirements include the Blacksmith perk.

Originally, attaching bayonet has the same impact on damage as increasing stock size, which doesn't make too much sense. Now the ability to attach bayonet is a proper selling point for some weapons.

Double-Barrel Shotgun

  • Increased damage and range.

Originally this weapon is pretty useless even for a very early game. But now you can do shopping at Superduper Mart like a real wastelander.

Handmade Rifle

  • Increased recoil and reduced weight (close to real life analog).

By default, is Handmade Rifle uses the aim model of Assault Rifle which has almost no recoil. Now Handmade Rifle has its own aim model which is more suitable for this kind of weapon (and which makes it less overpowered and give it more character).

Laser Musket

  • Better base damage
  • Useful beam splitter
  • Adjusted perk requirements

It’s a shame that one of the signature weapons is so underused due to its ineffectiveness, isn’t it? But with some changes it may become a very interesting high risk, high reward early to mid game weapon.

Missile Launcher

  • Adjusted perk requirements.
  • Reduced weight of missiles.
  • Useful bayonet.
  • Increased explosive damage

Missile Launcher is a bit underwhelming in terms of damage. Also the weight of ammunition makes it barely usable in survival mod.

Acid Soaker

  • Damage increased dramatically.
  • Ammunition cost less to craft and you get 10 ammo instead of one.

This is probably the most useless Fallout 4 weapon. Every shot cost you 20 acid and deals extremely small damage. And it’s a real shame because it has great potential.

Harpoon Gun

  • Increased damage.

MIRV Grenade

  • Now craftable (requirements are pretty high though).

MIRV Grenade is rare to the point you can’t use it. To be specific you have 3 for the entire game.

Nuka Quantum Grenade

  • Blast radius increased dramatically.


  • Damage increased dramatically.
  • You can craft stronger versions of syringes, provided you have high enough Chemist rank.

The syringes that deals damage are extremely underpowered. You have to craft and fire several BleadOut syringes in order to kill one basic Raider. The lead pipe is more efficient.

Pipe Wrench

  • Modifications progression order is rearranged.
  • Perk requirements adjusted.

Because two hooks simply cannot be less deadly than one gear.


  • Damage increased dramatically.
  • Weight reduced.

Traps are great, but the insane weight and poor damage make them absolutely useless.

Pipe Gun

  • Slightly increased damage and recoil.

The reason is with some attachments pipe gun has almost no recoil, which doesn’t make too much sense for a low-tech weapon.

Assaltron Blade

  • Increased damage.

Combat Shotgun

  • Fire rate for automatic receiver increased.

Originally automatic receiver roughly has the same fire rate as non-automatic version, which makes me wonder why it exists in a first place. Now it really feels like an automatic shotgun.

Nuka Grenade/Mine

  • Now craftable.


  • Increased damage.

It’s shame that this cool weapon so underused.

Pipe Revolver

  • Increased damage.

Pipe Bolt Action

  • Increased damage.

Railway Rifle

  • Automatic receiver has more fire rate at a cost of lower damage.

Railway Rifle has a similar problem as Combat Shotgun - automatic version just doesn’t feel like a proper automatic weapon.

Melee weapons in general

  • More pronounced effect for some modifications. Especially adding a blade to blunt weapon.
  • Some modification made more powerful at the cost of additional perk requirements.